daily rant – 00056 – knock knock!

Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to get people to take part in knock knock jokes these days? It’s like pulling teeth without novocaine…or a license to practice dentistry. I heard the funniest knock knock joke the other day and I’ve been trying to get people to go along with it, but they always ruin it. People are stupid.

Here are some ways they kill the joke:

Knock knock!:

•’WTF? Why aren’t you using the doorbell, it’s 2015!’
•’Oh hey, sup man, come on in!’
•’Go away, I don’t want what you’re selling.’
•’It’s open!’

After telling them who’s at the door:

•’I’m not expecting anyone by that name.’
•’Why didn’t you txt before coming over??’
•’That’s a dumb name.’

It’s funny watching them try to calculate the outcome before saying it, just so they don’t look stupid. Most of the time they try to be funny and complete the joke themselves and say something like ‘Orange you glad I didn’t say banana? hurrr hurrrr!’…that’s how they laugh…in ‘hurr’s. Next time I should just pick a random word like ‘shirt’ and then sit back and watch as chaos ensues. They’ll be sitting there trying to figure out what a ‘shirtoo’ is. Meanwhile I’ll be laughing and saying ‘oh my god, you don’t even get it!?’ and walk away. But let’s be honest, you deserve it for being a horrible human being by not letting comedy happen. Just let it happen. What’s so hard with going along with a harmless joke?

By the way, the joke was:
Knock! knock!
Who’s there?
Watch meep.

Yes I know it makes no sense, but I’m a sucker for poop jokes.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I tried to get Siri to take part in my joke. I learned right away that Siri is a bitch.

Rant, terminate!




One thought on “daily rant – 00056 – knock knock!

  1. OMG my second comment yay!

    OK I really liked the elevator rant. I just skimmed through this one to get to the comment box! I think the comment box is where I really shine. Thanks for having this box for me to play in!

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