daily rant – 00018 – fox and the fiddle: the return

Sooo I went to the Fox again…I know, I should have learned my lesson the first time.

This time we went to the one at East Beaver Creek.  My cousin from NY was in town and we wanted to go chill and hear some good music…yes they actually played good music…and sorry Amee for not calling you, I will definitely call you next time I am in or around or even just driving by that area.

So anyways, where do I start…I was designated driver, which means I had a lot of time to observe and take in my surroundings.  First of all, since when does the Fox do bottle service?!?   I can’t recall a time where I’ve heard any of my friends say “hey, it’s my birthday, I wanna do it up big…bottle service at the Fox playas!”.  Never!  And no, I did NOT go to the Fox for my birthday.  But seriously, bottle service?  Really?  It must’ve been 11pm when we got there, people were still sitting at tables eating wings and fries.  How much do you actually plan on drinking at the Fox to get bottle service?  Usually people get bottle service for the VIP treatment, a private area, a place to dump your crap when you go dancing and a place to retreat to after you accidentally dance with the wrong girl.   But here, there are tons of empty booths and tables…why even bother??

Next up on the agenda, random guys coming up to you saying he’s from Indianapolis.  There’s 3 things wrong with this:

1) You’re a dude
2) Nobody cares
3) You’re from Indianapolis and you’re there alone?

Dude, why are you alone?  Did your friends/family just dump you at the Fox because:

A) You ask guys to buy you drinks (remember that Kev?)
B) You dance like a fool in the middle of the dance floor by yourself?
C) People in the wash room say: “dude let’s jump that U.S. guy”?


What else, let’s see…you guys ever see the t-rex walk?  Yea it happens when like a really gangster song comes on.  How can I describe this…basically, you bend your knees a bit, hunch over and slowly creep around moving your right arm from left to right as if washing the hood of a car…Ryan knows what I’m talking about.   So this guy cuts through our little drinking circle doing the t-rex.  I don’t know why, and I don’t know who he was trying to impress, but it happened. Awkward silence.  Continue to drink.

There was also another phenomenon that was happening that night…girls dressing up as if they were at a club…well this wasn’t a club.  People were wearing jeans and hoodies…clearly they must’ve been Nava rejects.  I swear there was one girl wearing a prom dress from the early 90’s, frills and everything.

You’re at a Fox and the Fiddle!  Dammit people!  It’s a pub!  The only pub I know to have bouncers at the door?  What’s up with that?

Peace Out.


Dec 22/08



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