daily rant – 00004 – people know stuff

Why do people seem to think they know everything about anything?

Me and a group of my friends went to the science centre to see the Body Worlds 2 exhibit.  For those of you that don’t know what body worlds 2 is, it’s an exhibit where some guy takes dead people and he…well just go here.

The actual exhibit was great.  They had display cases with human body parts, some of which had either some sort of disease or illness to show the effects on the human body, which was cool.  But here’s the beauty part, beside each display case there were these stands, with words on them that formed these sentences…which in end, created a detailed description of what I was looking at.  Sounds great doesn’t it?

Before I knew it, I had a professional human body part knower following me around. I don’t know what possessed this lady to follow me around and narrate everything I was looking at to me, but she did.  “That’s the lung of a male who smoked all his life” said the annoying lady…so did the sign under it!  The difference was, I didn’t have to listen to the sign.  Then she started throwing off all these medical statistics to her friend that was with her…stuff like “4 in every 10 men who smoke die of lung cancer, did you know that?  Yea, it’s true”.  I would have done anything to have a Ph.D right then and there, cause then I would’ve been all like “wrong!” and then flash my Ph.D at her…but I digress…

Thankfully I was able to give her the slip by walking in the opposite direction…but you’d think that me not acknowledging her existence would have been enough.

But the next time you go out to a museum or a planetarium or something, keep your ears open, you’ll find that whenever people go to those kinds of places, they will instantly become experts on that topic.  You’ll hear stuff like “did you know that mars is made up of 5% water, 70% dirt, and 25% red?” or “did you know that the real reason Egyptians mummified their dead was to seal in the stink of rotting flesh”.

Give me a break!

Posse out!


Jan 02/07



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