daily rant – 00039 – frequent flyers

We live in the oh so golden age of technology.  Email, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs…the means of communication are endless.  So why are people still handing out stupid flyers???

Club promoters are quite possibly THE most annoying people in the flyer distribution industry.  They sit and wait outside clubs and hand out flyers to club goers and passersby alike.  The only thing is, people walking PAST a club couldn’t care less about what’s happening in the clubbing scene.  And people who are leaving the club are most likely so ridiculously drunk, that they would take the flyer, immediately drop it on the ground in front of the person that gave it to them, all while expressing an exaggerated and sarcastic “ooooooooooooopps” in the process.  Because when you’re that drunk, you think that’s the funniest thing in the world to do…which is probably why you see so many littered around the streets of downtown early sunday morning.

Allow me to break it down to you flyer peeps.  People don’t like being handed garbage, ok?  In our eyes, that’s what you’re handing out and we don’t want it so we immediately toss it at our first opportunity…or we stick in our friends’ pockets or trick them into taking it. Personally, I like the method of sticking in my friends’ pockets.  What club promoters SHOULD do is make it so that they become drink tickets!  Show it to the bouncer next time you go, get a drink ticket, BAM!  Instant fun.  OR, have the DJ make a mix cd of the type of music they’re playing that night, put ads between tracks and hand THOSE out.  I can guarantee you more people will hold on to those rather than toss them.  Because that’s what you’re doing, you’re trying to sell a product, so give me a sample!

The people handing out stuff in and around Union Station are doing it right.  They would hand out samples of products along with coupons.  Genius.  Sure I’ll take 10 granola bars!  Are you kidding me!…what’s this?  A coupon for $2 off my next purchase of these delicious bars?  Deal!  That’s something you’ll never hear about club flyers…but if you did, it’ll probably go something like this: “Wow!  It’s advertising shit I just attended and it wasn’t even that great!  Hey, thanks club promoter!  Ooooooooooooops!” As I drop it on the ground.  Served.

I probably should have thought of this before I wrote this rant…but is it flyers or fliers?

Peace Out.


Sept 29/10



2 thoughts on “daily rant – 00039 – frequent flyers

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