daily rant – 00023 – april fool

I hate April Fool’s Day.

But what I hate more are stupid news reporters that think because it’s April 1st, means that they can say whatever they want and still remain a credible source.  It’s either that, or people in Washington are stupid.

I came across this article as I was looking up the latest on the Conficker Virus that was set to come out today.  Being in I.T. I figured I would be proactive and look up the latest on the supposed HUGE virus that was supposed to be bigger then Y2K (yes I am 100% Nerdified).  That’s when I came across this article:


Here’s a little excerpt from it:

“Londoners woke up to find the iconic clock tower Big Ben stopped at precisely one minute till midnight. The British tabloids blared that the giant timepiece had been felled by the Conficker worm. But security officials reasoned that the beloved landmark — legendary for its reliability — would have stopped exactly one minute later had the expected 12:00 a.m. updates to Conficker actually been the culprit. Several members of Parliament are now calling for a full investigation into the incident.”

Not only is this article written extremely poorly, and insulting to the reader, it’s also kind of embarrassing to the person who wrote it.   Really Brian Krebs?   Really??  You could have done the respectable thing and written a real article about the virus and you could have been helpful by giving your readers ways to protect their computers against the virus.   Instead you decide to F with their heads, crap on a sheet of paper, publish it, and call it a day.  It’s not even remotely funny, it’s just plain ol’ embarrassing.  He then goes on to end the article with this:

“In case you haven’t guessed it yet, APRIL FOOLS!!! Seriously, if we get any real news about outages, deaths, or disruptions actually caused by Conficker today, you will read it here first. ”

Seriously, I won’t be reading your article.  What do you mean if you get any REAL news??  Don’t worry Washington Post writer Brian Krebs, I don’t think I can take anything you say from here on in serious anymore.  If you are as disgusted as I am about this article and you would like to leave your comments to Brian Krebs directly, please call him at 416-640-5050. Seriously, it’s his direct line.

Ok so maybe I don’t COMPLETELY hate April Fool’s Day…if it’s done right.  If you don’t know what I’m taking about, call that number…but my views on the media and taking things seriously stand firm.  We rely on them to give us accurate, up-to-date news and not be jerks about it…leave that to people like me.

Happy April, Fools! <- See? I’m a jerk.


Apr 1/09



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