daily rant – 00017 – go train: day 5

TGIF!   Judgement day is finally upon me, and yet I can help but think…

Where are all the hot girls at on the GO???  Honestly!   I’ve been riding this damn train for 5 days now and I am yet to see one.  I know they exist, I see them downtown and I see them roaming around union station, they gotta be coming from somewhere!  I’m tired of being stuck in a cabin with the old man trench coat mafia.  I have never seen a gathering of old men in trench coats like this until I started taking the GO.  Also, it’s friggin’ freezing outside, why don’t you have winter jackets?  You’re old!  Your immune systems ain’t what they used to be!  Dammit!  Anyways, hot girls, holla at ya boy…then give me a call.

OK, I dunno if anybody reading this has ever taken the GO…ok I know for a fact that some people do, but for the people who don’t, they have these flat panel LCD TV’s installed.  Anyways, I don’t know how accurate these things are…I mean, I’m watching it, it’s friday and I saw a commercial for Heroes, the same episode that aired on Monday…and then it said “new episode” and I said NOT!  Sure I said it in my head but I mean come on!  Anyways, these things are like bizarro TV.  They show 5 minutes worth of news, if not less, and then they show like 10 minutes of commercials!  What the hell!  It’s also Global’s sad attempt at copying CP24.  After seeing this it’s no wonder they’re cancelling their morning show…everyone watches BT anyways.  But I digress.

The video also loops so you’re stuck watching the same crap over and over again.   The sweet part is that there’s no sound!  But fear not true GO believers!  You can just tune into 88.1 on your FM radio and you magically get sound!   One problem with that, nobody carries around AM/FM tuners anymore..idiots.  They’re trying to be all technologically advanced but failing miserably.   They should be providing podcasts or RSS feeds for your blackberry…patent pending.  I’d like to see someone come on one day with a big, old school ghetto blaster and tune in to that station.  That would be awesome!

You know what really makes me mad?   I paid $62 to ride the train this week, and not ONCE did they come around to check if our tickets were punched!  I could have been riding for free all this time!  If only I could buy a time machine and go back in time to ride the train for free…unfortunately I’m $62 dollars short.  Sigh.

GO Train: 5
Randy: 0

Thus ends my journey.  I would like to thank everyone for reading and keeping me entertained with your comments…even though some were unnecessarily hurtful.   And by ‘some’ I mean most.  You know who you are…jerks.

Peace out!


Dec 12/08



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