daily rant – 00037 – can i get a working window with a side of dignity?

You know, when I write these rants, I sometimes sit and think who could I possibly be offending? Which one of my friends would be on the receiving end of a beat down…in the form of my opinion? And I come to the same conclusion every time. I don’t care. Don’t get me wrong, I still love ya, but sometimes these things annoy me, and I need…nay, I MUST rant about them. Yea I just said nay, deal with it.

Now, with that being said, have you ever been stuck behind someone at the drive-thru whose driver side window wasn’t working?? This happened to me not once, but twice…TWICE!! What the heck people! I’m sure most people will live their entire lives without having this happen to them at all. Yet for me? Twice! And I still have a lot of living to do! But if your count is higher, by all means, show me up. And before you ask…no, it wasn’t the same car.

Let me try to understand something here for a second if you don’t mind. You’re hungry, you want some fast food, and it’s a bright sunshiny day. You, drive to McD’s in a car in which the driver side window is currently inoperable. You, for some reason don’t want to open your door, get out of the car and go inside to order food. You, proceed to the drive-thru in which you proceed to order your food and make your way to the first window to pay. You, pull up to the window a good 5 feet away from it. Me, thinking you are no longer buying food proceed to pull up. You, open your door, get out of your car and proceed to pay. We, have an awkward moment.

What is the point of using the drive thru if you have to come out of your damn car to get your damn food? Some people might say it’s faster…but how much faster is it really when there are 10 cars waiting in line as opposed to 5 people inside? You know how drive-thru’s don’t serve people who walk through the drive-thru? You don’t? Well I do…twice. But I don’t think they should serve people whose driver’s side window isn’t working. If that’s the case, I guess I can just walk through the drive-thru, show them a picture of me standing beside a car and get served. Because apparently, you just need to prove that you own a car. Even better, what’s stopping me from getting a big empty cardboard box, painting some wheels on it and making car noises as I walk through the drive-thru?

I know what you’re thinking “which friend was he making fun of?”. The answer is…none. Although, I DO have a friend that tried to order McDonald’s from the newspaper box they have at the drive-thru.

Ba ba ba ba ba, I’m ranting it.


Jul 27/10



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