daily rant – 00001 – annoyed!

Hello to anyone who’s reading this, welcome to my daily rant!

Now even though it’s called a daily rant, doesn’t mean that I’m going to update this thing daily…I may be in tech support, but I’m not a TOTAL nerd!

I decided to start this daily rant because some of the things I observe on a daily basis are just too ridiculously unbelievable that I have to…no I MUST share with everyone…so let’s start shall we?

This morning on the GO train, I was annoyed.  Annoyed at the fact I had to get up early and take the early train.  Annoyed that the train was 10 minutes late.  Annoyed that there was no heat on the train that particular morning.  But nothing was more annoying than this really incredibly annoying woman!  Why is it that people who love to hear themselves talk always have the most annoying voice in the world??  Not only did I have to hear about how she knitted a little scarf for her 2 dogs, but I had to hear it in the most annoying voice ever known to man.  It sounded like tires screeching right before hitting a cat that was playing in a glass factory!

I bet God was like “Hey, you know what I would REALLY get a kick out of…” I bet He was laughing at me the entire train ride to work.

Touché God…Touché.


Dec 29/06



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