daily rant – 00009 – goin’ up?…darn

Can someone PLEASE tell me why elevators have that stupid useless “close doors now” button??

I was heading to the elevators after buying lunch downstairs today and I noticed that there was someone behind me that I knew was going my way, and I really didn’t care to share an elevator with.  So I sprinted up the escalator, power walked to the elevator and waited a few seconds.  One finally came, I jumped in and proceeded to press the “for the love of god close the doors” button and to my surprise, nothing happened!!!  So there I am hitting the button to close the door when that person comes running up and I was forced to pretend I was hitting the “*sigh* I guess I have to keep the doors open” button.


That button is as useful as a chair with poop on it…and you’re really really tired…and the chair’s on a piece of land surrounded by a pool of lava.  Useless!

If only I was in a movie at the time, for some reason when ever people in movies press that damn button, the doors always close just in the nick of time.  But in my case, no.  That would be too easy and apparently God was just testing me that day.  What does that mean?  I don’t really know, but my Dad usually says it when ever someone cuts him off on the road or when he gets stuck behind someone driving 20 under the actual speed limit.

But anyways, I was just curious if anyone actually had the same thing happen to them, or something similar.  Because if that button isn’t supposed to be used in situations like that…then what the hell is it for???  Seriously!  Tell me!

Peace Out.


Mar 8/07



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