daily rant – 00042 – flippin’ lids!

Ok Tim Hortons, we…need to talk.

You’re like a billion dollar company right?  So why can’t you make a lid where the pull back tab thingy stays down?  Seriously, you’re Tim F’n Hortons.  Why can’t you design a lid where your customer can confidently pull back the tab, clip it in to the little tab compartment, and take a sip of coffee without fearing the tab snapping back and spraying coffee all over their face??  And yes, I am speaking from experience!  I would say 80% of the time I end up with coffee on either my face or shirt from that stupid little coffee catapult of doom.

I need to give credit to my cousin Andrew for the trick of stuffing the tab back IN to the cup after you pull it back.  This method works great because not only does it not attack you, it also prevents coffee from spilling out if you’re walking or driving and saves you from those embarrassing coffee stains on your white shirt…and face.  Before this method, I used to barbarically rip the tab off out of anger and frustration.

Ok, next grievance comes from my friend Rachel, which I agree with her 100% on this one.  Why do you insist on lining up the drinky hole with the seam of the cup?  Yes, drinky hole.  Her words, not mine.  It’s almost as if you enjoy seeing a bunch of cranky, sleep deprived, hung over people on a monday morning struggle with your stupid lids.  Is that part of the training process?  Line up the seam with the drinky hole blindfolded?  It happens all the time!  How hard can it be to come up with a new design?

 Yes Tim Hortons, it’s time for a change.

P.S. Love your coffee!…now can someone please pass me a Tide Pen?…speaking of products that don’t work…

Peace out.


Nov 8/10



2 thoughts on “daily rant – 00042 – flippin’ lids!

  1. Farren McDonald says:
    I’ve been drinking Timmy’s double-double for just over 32 years now.
    It was in 2006, at a particular franchise in lower mainland BC, that I encountered my first unsavoury cup of java. Despite ‘complaints’, it never got better, and I had to give up on going to that particular location.

    The disgusting coffee issue was only at this location, and some of us thought that management was mixing the franchise-issued blend with ‘cheaper stuff’ to increase revenues. It was the only logical deduction due to the management’s assurance that all the coffee-makers were cleaned regularly and that the brewing temps were correct.

    I only resorted going to this location when I was time-restricted and desperate for a coffee, but regretted it every time as the mix just seemed to get worse and worse with each passing month (and year).

    Timmy’s coffee was SO consistent and ‘addictive’ for so many years (and decades), and now: Let’s fast forward to 2014.

    “Dark Brew”.

    You know…if the franchise just came right out and told their patrons that there was a shortage of the coffee beans they’ve been using for decades, or that it’s their deliberate marketing strategy to fade out the coffee many of us ‘old people’ had come to look forward to every morning–or any other easily-digestible excuse–we could have accepted it and moved on.

    But this duplicitous painted-face, bold-face lying tack is a bit too much to bear.
    Now it doesn’t matter WHICH location I go to: The coffee I grew to love so many years ago is GONE. And when I complain that I simply cannot drink the swill they are offering me, they state (via their ‘labour shortage’ immigrant base that take a full minute to understand what you’ve said, 5 minutes to count $1.65 and another 5 minutes to make your coffee)

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