daily rant – 00022 – go team!!!…?

Flags on cars? Really?

Are we still doing this?  I thought the craze ended when Italy won the world cup in 2006…am I wrong?  That’s the last time I saw or heard of them…that is, until last week when we were on our way to work and we passed a car on the DVP. It was a red car, I can’t really remember what make or model, but I know one thing for sure…the driver was a Habs fan. I know this because he had not one, but two Montreal Canadiens flags on his car…so not only is he a douche bag for having flags on his car, he’s also one for being a Habs fan!  Yea I said it Sandy!  You wanna go!?

But honestly, I’m not even gonna apologize to those who have them (Baxter?), I don’t like them, and I never will.  I find them tacky, and useless.  Why would you want to let people know who your favorite team is??  I’d be worried about my car’s safety if I had…say for example, a Leafs flag on my car.  Actually, that might be a bad example, since people might just take out all their rage out on your car for the leafs suckiness.  But there’s my point, you’re just putting a target on your car for douche bags to throw eggs at, piss on, or just vandalize in general…wait can I use “douche bag” there if I already used it to describe people who have these flags as well as Habs fans…why would they be hating on their own kind?…Screw it, I’m sticking with it.

There’s a perfect example I found from a forum while looking for a picture which best captured the true annoyingness of flags on cars. It says, and I quote:

“I’m ashamed to admit I stopped flying one when my car was keyed. They scratched HABS SUCK! in the paint.  Oh, I live in Toronto!”

Two comments I would like to make about this.
1) I think you meant to say “I’m ashamed to admit I’m a Habs fan”…as you should be.
2) Bahahahahahaha!!!  Why not just fly a flag that says “I hate Toronto” and drive around downtown.  Seriously, who were trying to impress?  Idiot.

Not once have I looked over at a car and said “Damn that girl is hoooot son!  I wonder what hockey team she cheers for…awww yea!” I DON’T CARE!   I don’t think ANYONE cares!  The only people who might care are the people who have them on their own cars!  Note to self…make a flag that says “Randy is Awesome” and put it on my car.  Look, all I’m saying is that if you’re really that passionate about showing how proud you are of your favourite team, why not just paint your car with your team’s colours???  What’s that?   It’s too expensive??

And you call yourself a TRUE fan.

| rant-ova!|


Mar 30/09



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