daily rant – 00028 – my arch nemesis

My arch nemesis.

Everybody has one.  Some discover theirs during childhood.  Others encounter them later on in life.  Few have the pleasure of not knowing their nemesis at all..Nemesees?… Nemesis…But everybody has one.

A while back I wrote a rant about creating a blog page to post my rants: therantbot.blogspot.comtherantbot.wordpress.com

During the rant I listed a bunch of sites I would liked to have called mine, but apparently I was a little too late to the blog scene and they were all taken.   I chose not to list one of the names which I also considered using.  The reason I didn’t list it was because I felt that this name could have ruined my reputation, destroyed my image and ended my very existence!  Ok, maybe I’m being a little dramatic.  But you’ll soon find out why.

The name of that site: randypersaud.blogspot.com

Randy Persaud.   My arch nemesis.

The self proclaimed writer, director and producer…self proclaimed because he is not listed on the all knowing imdb.com, so I guess we have to take his word for it.  It wouldn’t be so bad if he used the site for posting pics or for coming out of the closet, but no, he uses it for ranting.  Ain’t that a bitch. I tried reading some of it, but his posts were like novels and shortly lost interest after the first few sentences.  I welcome anyone who would like to read and give me a summary of what this guy is all about.  However keep in mind that he is not me so when you start to get annoyed, don’t take it out on me.

The thing that pushed him to the top of my arch nemesis list (nemelist?), only to surpass the GO train, was the time when I was trying to create a twitter account so that I could stalk this chick…follow someone…what?   I said follow someone.  Anyways, as you probably already guessed…


This guy must have taken Arch Nemesees 101 because he knows that the first thing to being a good arch nemesis is to always be one step ahead of…whatever the opposite of nemesis is…the protagonist?…also be as much of a douche bag as possible.   Dying your hair blond is a start.  Especially if you’re brown.

What pisses me off even more is the fact that he almost has 2,000 followers!!!  Honestly, who tell hell cares if you’re “doing laundry…oh the joy!”  And is it normal to tweet every 5 minutes?  If I wanted to know what you were doing every 5 minutes, I’d call you.

Perhaps I’m being a little too harsh…I mean, what if this guy really isn’t that bad of a guy?  Can you imagine if we were friends?  Can you imagine?  The power of two Randy Persaud’s…we would be unstoppable!  Wouldn’t it be crazy that if somewhere down the road of life, I find out that we are actually related?  That would make THE most awkward family reunion EVER.  Perhaps I shouldn’t publish this…too late.   I hope he doesn’t sue me for posting his pic.

I leave you with this thought:

“just so you know, i had toast.” – The other Randy Persaud

Peace Out.


Sep 16/09



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