daily rant – 00011 – baby on booooard

First off, I’d like to apologize to all the people, not who have babies, but to those who have those ridiculous baby on board signs stuck on the back window of their cars.  It’s come to the point where whenever I end up behind a car with one of those signs I throw both my arms up in the air and go “Uh oh!  Look out, they have a baby on board!”

Since when did these things become Monopoly community chest cards?  It’s like it gives people special privileges while driving, like “go directly to the next lane, do not signal and do not check your blind spot”.  Or even better, and my personal favourite I might add, the “make up your own speed limit on the highway”.  Are these people for real???  They sit in the fast lane doing 80 while everyone else is doing 120 and they never check their mirror to see who’s behind them.  The best part about that is that nobody else would be on the road and all the others lanes would be empty.   But it’s ok cause they have a baby on board sign on their car.

Some people might say that I can’t say anything because I don’t have a baby in the car…either way, since when does having a baby in your car mean that you can make up your own road rules!  It’s not an actual traffic sign!  It’s just made to look like one!  I’m probably being really insensitive right now, I mean, I’m sure if I look back on records of baby deaths in cars before that sign was invented, I’m sure it would be double, maybe even triple of what we’re seeing nowadays.  Please.

What I like to do is sit behind those people and just tailgate them the whole way until they get out of the lane.  Does that make me a jackass?  Most likely.  But it’s fun to see their reaction when they see you following so close.   I actually had someone point to their baby on board sign and give me a dirty look.

Really?  You’re the one doing 80 on the highway, in the fast lane, and I’M the dangerous driver.  My apologies parent of the baby on board.   I’ll try to mind your trendy yellow sign next time.

Rant ova!


Apr 6/08



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