daily rant – 00007 – good morning sunshine

Alright people, this rant is for all the drivers out there.

Picture this: you’re driving to work in the morning, traffic is flowing pretty good, you’re hitting 100-110 (I know that’s not THAT fast but it’s rush hour alright?) and you’re just cruisin’ when all of a sudden, the car in front of you hits the brakes, and I don’t mean gradually slow down, I mean HIT the brakes, hard!

You sit there all discombobulated for a bit, gathering yourself together trying to calm yourself from getting out of your car and smacking the fool in front of you. And you wonder what could possibly have been the reason why that guy braked so suddenly…and then it hits you…the Sun.

The Sun?  Really?!?  Really?

You mean to tell me your broke ass can’t afford sunglasses???  You drive an F’n BMW and you can’t afford sunglasses?  Really? I see homeless people on the streets downtown wearing sunglasses.  Corey Hart even wears sunglasses!  Sure it’s at night, but that’s how he rolls I guess.  Can you imagine the size of sunglasses he would be wearing during the day??  But I digress.

While I’m on the subject of Sun, I often see people who wind up a piece of paper or newspaper in their window to block the sun…please don’t do that, it’s ghetto and you’ll get into an accident cause you can’t check your blind spot.  At least TRY using that visor you have above your head.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, The Sun doesn’t kill people, people who don’t wear sunglasses kill people.

o <– the sun


Feb 7/07


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