daily rant – 00027 – i hate the city of vaughan

“Parking on a highway between the hours of 2AM and 6AM”

Are you kidding me City of Vaughan???  And no, I’m not even going to give you a cool nickname like C.O.V.  In fact, I’m going to purposely misspell your name for the remainder of this rant.  You’re going to be known as Vaun.  None of this fancy G’s and H’s crap.

Allow me to first explain why I was even IN Vaun.  My cousin lives there and I went over to hang out and get hammered.  Needless to say, mission accomplished.  Every time I go, I always park my car in the same place, on the street, across from his house.  I must have parked there a billion and one times now.  Which brings up another point, the city of Vaun must have THE worst parking enforcement ever…I should have hundreds of parking tickets by now, but whatever.

The funny thing is, it’s basically a side street so there’s hardly ANY traffic on that street.  It’s probably the least used street in all of Vaun.  In fact, the only traffic on that street is the stupid parking enforcement giving out pointless tickets at 2:30 in the morning.

Here’s what I think it all comes down to…the city of Vaun encourages people to drink and drive.  Surprise!  Yes I said it. I mean, sure I could have moved my car, but I was kinda intoxicated at that particular moment.  They would rather have me hop in my car, drive home drunk, endangering my life and the life of others all because I couldn’t park on the least used street in Vaun.  There were no signs indicating “no parking” and it wasn’t snowing so the plow wouldn’t be going by, also it was the weekend so the garbage truck wouldn’t have to pass.  But no, apparently everyone in the world should be made aware of the Vaun by-laws.  Section: whatever, line: who cares.

Also, their mall sucks…and Vaun eats babies.

Rant, Terminate!


Aug 4/09



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