daily rant – 00002 – are you for real?


Whyyyyyyyy!  I just don’t understand people sometimes.  Before I start ranting, let me tell you why I’m so frustrated…paint you a little picture if you will.

I got home from work today and decided to go fill up the ol’ automobile, I mean, gas WAS 77.51!!  When does that ever happen nowadays?  That’s the cheapest I’ve seen it since Bush…well, that’s a whole other rant…but anyway, I pull into the good old reliable Petro Canada, where they somehow always seem to up their price by AT LEAST .2 cents from the other gas stations, damn them!

So I pull up to my pump, fill her up, and as I was putting the cap back on the my car, I feel my car nudge…I didn’t do ANYTHING to provoke that, so I look up, there’s this BIG ASS BOAT of a car parked in front of me and this lady was driving it.  She fully gets OUT of the car and was going to start pumping until I said “Hey!  You just hit my car” yes, she didn’t even acknowledge the fact that she hit my car, her bumper was still touching mine!!!  How ignorant does a person have to be?  So after she got in and backed up a bit, I checked for damages, nothing was there.  She didn’t even say “hey, I hit his car, I better go see if I damaged it” no, that would be too nice.  Instead she continued to remove her gas cap.  I got in my car without saying anything to her, she didn’t even say she was sorry.  As I was getting in, I heard her say “good, now maybe I can move up a little”.

I kid you not people, somehow this little tiny fender bender turned out to be my fault.  How??  How did this happen??? You know what, maybe it WAS my fault, maybe it was my fault and I should apologize.  So here is my formal apology to the lady driving the boat.  Lady, I’m sorry.  I’m sorry that I used the pump that you pulled up in front of.  I admit, I was wrong.  I should have anticipated that something like this might have happened and I should have used one of the other available pumps, I mean, they were all available at the time I pulled in, I didn’t know you were going to pull in to the one in front of me.  I can also understand how you didn’t see my car, it was night, and my car is black.  Also you must have been blinded by the extremely bright gas station lights that light up everything in sight.  For that, I’m sorry. I guess they should invest in lighthouses so that you can maneuver your boat around the other cars.

It’s a friggin’ gas station lady!  If you can’t drive your car around a gas station without getting into an accident then maybe you shouldn’t be driving!  All I wanted to hear from you was a simple “I’m sorry” but I didn’t even get that, I got attitude that implied that it was my fault.

YOU hit ME!!!

I hope your boat hits an iceberg.

Rant, Terminate.


Dec 30/06


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