daily rant – 00031 – take your kids to work day

Do I even need to rant about this?

I think you all know where I am heading with this next rant…I didn’t know whether to call it “deprive your kids of an education day”, or “make the parents deal with these brats day”.

No parents, I’m not hating on you.  And no teachers, I’m not hating on you either.   I’m hating on the education system and how it constantly fails in teaching kids important lessons in life…such as, there’s no such thing as a free ride.  What better way to teach them this by pulling them out of school and making them go work with their parents.   Sure some might say that they learn how there’s no free ride by seeing how hard their parents work.  Randy says, kids could care less.

Here’s a kid on TYKTWD: “F yea! I get to miss F’n class!   I’m gonna learn so much F’n crap!…NOT!” …do kids still say not?  Whatever, I don’t even give a care.  I just wanted to get my point across, which I awesomely did.  The only way a kid is going to benefit from this day is if their dad works in the cracker factory because if its anything like on The Simpsons then they would have a blast, OR, if they actually ARE interested in what their parents do for a living.  Well Mr. Education-System, this may come to you as a shock but, kids don’t care!  As long as their parents pay for a kick-ass cell phone plan so that they can call their friends whom they see every day, they are happy.

Ok, I might be a bit bitter since when I was in grade 9, they actually gave us assignments to work on which we had to hand in the next day.  For the past 2 years, I asked a few of the kids that were mindlessly roaming around the office building if they had to write any kind of report for school and the look in their eyes said “ew who’s the creepy old guy talking to me” but what they actually said was “pfffssh, no!”.   Well excuse me CHILD, it was a valid question.   And no, I did not beat up a 9th grader…but I look forward to your comments about how a 9th grader could beat me up.  Yes I am being sarcastic.

So here’s a challenge to any grade niner out there: write a report on how going to work with your parents for a day benefits you in the future…FAIL!   You already fail cause you are lying since it doesn’t benefit you.  Trick question. That’s something you’ll learn when you grow up.

Drink your milk, stay in school.

I’m out.


Nov 5/09



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