daily rant – 00029 – don’t drive day

So yesterday was World Car Free Day…man, they make this ranting thing way too easy for me.

I woke up to Breakfast Television as I do every morning, to the informative voice of Kevin Frankish saying how “today is leave your car at home day!”.   Ummm ok…why?   What makes them think that people are going to hear that and say, “Gosh! I better take public transit today!”.  Not.  Whose idea was this really?  Well I’m glad you asked!   It is all thanks to the Sierra Club.

Sierra Club:  A grassroots, volunteer-driven organization aimed at protecting and restoring the health of the natural environment.

I know, super informative right?  Huh?  What’s that you asked?  Who aided in MANIPULATING the Sierra Club with getting involved in World Car Free Day?  I love my audience, you’re so smart!  Always asking the right questions.  Well as a matter of fact it just so happens to be city councilor and chair of the TTC, Adam Giambrone.  Yea, and this is what he had to say: “It’s about clean air, about people coming together and doing something for the environment”.  However, reporters were more interested in the big dollar signs which had replaced his eyeballs.

This kinda reminds me of holidays like Valentine’s Day where stores like Hallmark clean up on all the sales of stuffed teddy bears with “I love you” flags.  Only Valentine’s Day is World Car Free Day…and Hallmark is the TTC/GO Train.

I write this rant today because I am (surprise, surprise) on the GO train and it is (surprise, surprise) late “due to earlier operational issues at Bradford station”.  Look, all I’m hearing is excuses and as a paying customer, I just want to hear solutions, you better GO faster!  And adding insult to injury, they come around to check tickets!!!  The only reason I bring it up is because if they are going to have a day where you don’t drive to work, at least have a RELIABLE method of public transportation.  Come winter time, I can’t even begin to tell you how many times trains will be late due to signal issues because it’s too cold.  Don’t even get me started on prices…

I heard today that the TTC might even be increasing their fares next year…probably looking to capitalize on next year’s World Car Free Day…we’re on to you Adam Giambrone.

Safe travels!


Sep 23/09



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