daily rant – 00030 – can i get secret option d?

This next rant goes out to all my Red Lobster lovers.

I have been going to R-Lo (that’s what I like to call it) for a loooooong time now, and over time, as with any restaurant, the menu changes, that’s expected.  I can respect that.

Here’s the catch, why would they take something OFF the menu…yet STILL serve it???  Oh man, I can already hear my hardcore R-Lo fans yelling out the item in question.  That’s right, you guessed it, the coleslaw.

Why the coleslaw???  Did they run out of room on the menu for the word coleslaw?  I don’t understand!  It should be there, with all its salad friends!  They don’t even say it as an option when listing what salads they have.  All they say is “would you like Garden or Caesar with that?”, that’s when I say “uh yea, I’ll go with the coleslaw please, thanks”.  BAM! Served.   That’s right waiter/waitress, I just served YOU.

I always feel like I’m a part of some kind of R-Lo elite group when I order the coleslaw.  R-Lo should recognize such loyal customers and really give them the VIP treatment.  I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that the coleslaw has not been on the menu for 15 years now…that means I’ve been going to R-Lo for at least 16 years!!!  I think that deserves something.  Please note these facts are not accurate whatsoever…

Now, for all you haters out there, cause I KNOW you’re out there…why you gotta hate on coleslaw for?  It’s so deliciously yummy!  Some might even say scrumtrelescent.  But to all the haters, I am very sorry that you no longer go to R-Lo, and I’m sorry that Moxies or Milestones or whatever’s ‘trendy’ nowadays, doesn’t serve coleslaw.   If only it contained the words ‘avocado’ or ‘mandarin’, it might still be there.  That’s right, I said it.

…Swiss Chalet still be representin’ too!  Do ya thang Swiss Chalet!

Rant, ova!


Oct 18/09



One thought on “daily rant – 00030 – can i get secret option d?

  1. Well I’m getting tired now. Running out of steam you could say. Going to rant sleep now. But before I do let me say Rant Bot I salute you! This has been a fun adventure in rant. I thought I could find a robot to listen to me. Instead I found your comment box. It’s brought me joy these past few minutes. Thank you…..I … now…slee…..p

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