daily rant – 00026 – get…a…job!

Pop Quiz!

Question: you’re a teenager, you’re hungry, really hungry…I’m talking hungry enough to feel the need to let everyone around you know that “Gosh! I’m so HUNgry!”.  Cool?  Let’s also assume that you don’t have a job and no money on you whatsoever, no debit card, credit card, coupons, nothing.  On top of all that, you wanna hang out with your other broke teenage friends dying of hunger.  Where do you go?  What do you do?

I’ll give you a second to answer, because I’m sure it’s not gonna be what you’re thinking of…

Were you thinking the mall?   Ooooooooh so close!   We were looking for Wendy’s…Wendy’s.   This is what I have discovered while grabbing a bite to eat with my cousins one day.  So we get our food and decide to dine in since we were supposed to be somewhere which none of us really wanted to be.  Worst idea ever.  These kids had to be in high school, grade 11 or 12.  When I was in high school, my group of friends NEVER hung out at the mall, let alone fast food establishments.  Why?  We were broke.   Plain and simple.  We would hang out at each others’ basements and watch movies and crack jokes at one another.  We would also have to make arrangements to hang out while we saw each other at school because nobody had cell phones…but I digress.

These…children…just sat there complaining about how hungry they were.  One was kicking his skateboard back and forth on the floor, one was doodling on the table and another was cracking jokes.   Ok, not to sound TOO much like a cranky old man, but it didn’t really bother me that they were hanging out at a Wendy’s like a bunch of hooligans, it bothered me more that they were complaining about how hungry they were over and over again and didn’t have money…

…GET A JOB! How stupid do you have to be to go hang out at a fast food joint with an empty stomach and no money!  If I was the manager there, I would have kicked them out.  Not for loitering, but for being really really stupid.  Actually, first I would offer them a job, and if they say no, THEN I would kick them out for being really really stupid.  Is this what we have to look forward to?  They say that the children are our future…I’m sorry but if THESE children are our future, we will all starve to death…on a farm full of rich crops…because our children will not know how to harvest them to eat because they are morons.

Seriously, are we slowly devolving as a species?  Are my children going be the do-do birds of the 21st century?? Because if I look at growing trends at malls and fast food joints, we are S to the Crizzewed.

Rant, Terminate!


Jul 7/09



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