daily rant – 00015 – go train: day 3


First off, what do you get when it snows, then rains, then the temperature drops to -10?  That’s right!  Ice!  For some reason the town of Newmarket either doesn’t understand the concept of 0 degrees Celsius, or are grade A morons.   Of course all the rain that fell last night, froze over!  It took 3 minutes for my car to finally start moving after I pulled out of my driveway.  Yes I was sitting in my car on the road in front of my house for 3 minutes…with my hazards flashing like a grade B moron.  And no I don’t have winter tires. Anyways, I finally got moving and made my way to the station to park at my usual spot aaaaaaaaall the way down at the back.  They should really consider offering valet parking at that train station, that would be gangster…patent pending.

So I get on the train, and you’re gonna love this, the ride to the next stop was LIRJ free, however, who joins me at the next stop?  That’s right!  Lady and Dude from day 1 plop themselves down with lady in front of me and dude beside her. Now, I guess I’m kind of an amateur when it comes to riding the GO, but you would think that couples would sit across from each other no?  I mean it only makes sense…right?  They can share mutual leg room, gaze into each other’s eyes when they’re talking…and not into mine…for 20 minutes…no he didn’t do it again.  But I guess he likes having his girlfriend/wife bump knees with strangers on the GO, I dunno.  Like I said, I’m new to this daily GO experience.  Maybe someone can fill me in.

And then there was nerd-bot who sat beside me who was already reading a book before getting on the train at the next stop, while other people, let’s call them “normies” were trying their best to stay warm in the -10 degree weather.  So of course this fool is sniffing like a mofo beside me.   Then he pulls out a Kleenex from his pocket…the pocket on his left, meaning the one close to me, and proceeds to wipe his nose.  Cool.  Throw it out?  Wait why are you putting it back in your pocket?   Ok he’ll throw it out when he get’s off, I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt nerd-bot, don’t let me down. Now I don’t know what he was reading, but the way he was sniffing was like he was reading the scene from Lion King when Mufasa dies.  Anyways, he reaches back in that same pocket, I’m still giving him the benefit of the doubt thinking he’ll get a clean one?  Maybe?  Nope.  He pulls out his same nasty ass used piece of excuse for a kleenex and wipes his snot all over it…or wipes his face all over his snot?…and back into the pocket you go…DAMN YOU NERD-BOT!!!

Almost there.  Today is hump day Wednesday, just 4 more rides…



Dec 10/08




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