daily rant – 00014 – go train: day 2

Let me just start off by saying: FU Jack Frost!  Ok?  Suck it.

I’m not one who usually complains about the cold, so to hear me cussing out Jack Frost, you know it’s cold!  On top of that, there was about a foot of snow dumped on my driveway overnight.  Ok, let me just understand something here. Remember when the media kept going on and on about this “huge” snowstorm that was gonna hit?  And it didn’t happen?  Well, wtf!  Where was my warning for this?  All I heard was how it was gonna be +7 and rainy.   Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem shoveling snow, I’m just mad at the weather keeper guy.  Dude that’s your only job, to let people know when it’s gonna snow and how much will fall, then you can get back to sipping your halfa halfa mocha latte supreme or whatever it is you people drink.   Probably with whip cream on the top cause it reminds you of clouds.  Good thing the snow plow went by at 5am this morning, right away I knew it had diarrhea’d snow all over the place last night.

So I finally make it to the train station…F!  What the F people!  Can you people please learn how to park when there’s snow on the ground?   Just because you can’t see the yellow line on the ground, doesn’t mean you can park however you want!  I’ve seen better parking jobs on Canada’s Worst Driver…4.  Such a tragedy.  So many close parking spots wasted.  It’s even more of a piss off because the parking lot is so far away from the actual station.  Stupid Tannery. Who built this place?  For some reason all the spots at the front are reserved for people who work at the Tannery…WHO THE HELL WORKS AT THE TANNERY???  Honestly!  That front parking lot should be reserved for people who have to catch a train, not for people who are already at work!

Anyways after my trek from the car to the station and spotting what I believed was a Yeti but turned out to be a snow covered squirrel, I finally got on the train.  This morning wasn’t so bad.  Except for when the world’s tallest man got on and sat in front of me which left me no leg room at all.   I couldn’t help but notice the lady standing up because there were no more seats on the train…could it be that because I am taking the train this week, I am constantly screwing this lady out of a seat all week?  I know what some people might be thinking “Randy, why didn’t you just give the poor lady your seat?”.  Excuse me, but I’m paying $62.00 this week to ride this stupid train and I’m gonna get my money’s worth!

Until tomorrow!


Dec 9/08



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