daily rant – 00052 – Y U NO know memes?

This rant is dedicated to all my readers who are turning, are, and about to be, 30 years old…which I think are most my readers…I find that funny because I write at a third grade level.

Turning 30 can be a scary thing.  Gray hairs are growing in at a rapid rate.  It takes you a full day to recover from a hangover.  You’re suddenly considered ‘old’ by teenager standards.  Kids these days are highly influenced by what they see and read on the internet, and because of this, have developed their own method of communication which includes pictures and incorrect grammar…usually in the form of a meme.

I know what you’re thinking: ‘Randy, how do you stay so amazingly cool, awesome, and always in the know?’ Instead of answering that question, I will do you one better and first of all explain what exactly a meme is.  An internet meme is plain and simple, an idea that can replicate and evolve.  Reddit is a great website to visit to see this process take place.  Millions of people are constantly coming up with new ideas and taking memes to the next level and even have a sub reddit dedicated to this: Advice Animals

With all that being said, I give you the top 5 meme’s that every 30 year old should know:

1. Bad Luck Brian

This poor unfortunate soul has the worst luck in the world.  Just when you think he’s gonna catch a break, you continue reading to find out something horrible happens to him.  Example:

2. Y U NO guy

He is an angry asian looking guy who is easily angered when he comes across people where he can’t understand why they can’t do something they way he would want to see it.  I can only assume he’s asian due to the stereotype of the grammar he uses.  Example:


3. Forever Alone Guy

This one sure hits close to home.  He is pretty much what the name says, forever alone.  When everyone else is living life and spending time with friends, he is usually…alone, dreaming of the day he makes friends.  He gains extra sympathy for the tears rolling down his cheek.  Example:

4. Successful Black Man

I know what you’re thinking…is it racist?  Yes.  Yes it is.  But it’s also hilarious so that makes it ok.  This meme is obviously playing on the stereotype of black men and society’s expectations that all black men are gun carrying drug dealers.


5. Not Sure Fry

This meme is a screen shot from the show Futurama.  You can tell from Fry’s expression, he’s clearly not sure of something, and the meme has evolved from that.  Example:


The thing about meme’s is, they are forever evolving and by the time I post this rant, all 5 of these would probably be old news and this rant becomes irrelevant.  Shit.  So be careful of what picture you post of yourself on the internet, you could be the next big meme.


Jun 11/12


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