daily rant – 00047 – shut the clock up!

Saturday Night.  Drink Fest 2k11.  Party until 3:59am.  Pass out at 4am.

8am.  Wake up to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtRiJlRpheU

There is absolutely nothing worse than being hung over on a Sunday morning and hearing, well, basically ANY sort of noise, whether it be birds chirping in your face, or construction workers being douche bags and using their jackhammers to scare off squirrels.  But the worst I personally have had to try and block out was “DJ KHALID!!!  WE DA BEST!!!!!”.  I’m sure it does the trick on any other regular morning, since you would want to wake up and turn that shit off as soon as possible.  But when you’re hung over, stabbing yourself in the eye with any object around you is probably less painful than trying to sleep through that.   Have you ever noticed that the phone alarm going off is usually heard by everyone in the house EXCEPT the person it belongs to?  It’s funny because their face is usually right beside the phone.  And why is it that their alarm is usually a really annoying song or sound?


get lost bird.

Which brings me back to the start of this rant.  Me, my cousins, and a few friends were up drinking until 4am one random Saturday night.  Needless to say, we were all pretty hungover the next morning.  One of my cousins had to go to work on Sunday.  His alarm went off at 8am.  He got up and turned it off and went to go shower.   Cool.  HOWEVER, instead of dismissing it, he snoozed it!  Five minutes after getting up, his alarm went off again.  Of course NOBODY made the effort to go turn it off and I’m sure EVERYBODY heard it.  Eventually his phone rang, his girlfriend was calling him to make sure he got up, which cancelled out the alarm.  Awesome.  After not getting through to him, she decides to call the house phone, non stop, until someone answered it.  That person was me.  I believe the conversation went something like this “he’s up!!!! *click*”.  Threat averted!  Five minutes later, the alarm kicks in again.  So I called his phone to cancel the alarm and hung up…some might call that being lazy.  I call it evolution.

ring ring

So, That’s my story of why alarm clocks suck.  I’m sure we all have similar stories.  Does anybody wake up to the radio anymore?  Everyone I know uses their phone.  Which brings me to my next question: what song do you wake up to?

Me?  The water level music from Mario World.

Peace Out!


June 28/11



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