daily rant – 00019 – oh my…bosh?

Warning:   The following rant may be hurtful to some Raptors fans…and entertaining for others.  Reader discretion is advised.

Now, I don’t usually rant about anything sports related, but in light of recent events, I have a few things I would like to get off my chest.

My sister got me tickets for the Raptors game on my birthday (Dec 17) where they faced off against Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks.   They were pretty good seats, 100 level, so you know they cost a bit more than usual.  I went with my sister and 2 cousins, and once we saw our seats, we were pretty pumped and excited to see some amazing Raptors basketball, as would any fan.

First quarter went by, we were doing pretty good.  Great defense, blocked shots, great offense, especially from Anthony Parker.   Raptors were on top by a few points at the half and the crowd was really in to it.

*Half Time…aka Beer*

Upon my return to my seat after half time, I was surprised to see us down by 10 points.  What the F happened?   It’s only been like 2 minutes!  As I watched the game, I noticed one consistently crappy factor on the Raptors team.  Chris Bosh.

He was playing horrible.  He missed a dunk…a slam dunk!  An open opportunity to put the ball in the basket and he missed it.  The crowd boos.  He gets fouled, sweet 2 free points.  Miss.  Miss.  Ain’t this a bitch!  Crowd boos.  Sure, he probably had an off day or whatever, but come on.  You have 2 open shots for the basket and you miss…I’m pretty sure you get paid to throw the orange ball in to the hoop for a living.  Raps end up losing the game 96-86.

The next day my cousin sent me an article about the game, but one quote stood out to me like a slap to the face:

“If I wanted to get booed, I’d go on the road[…]When you’re down three points at home and you’re hearing boos, that’s kind of disheartening.” – Chris Bosh


FU Chris Bosh.  If I wanted to see the Raptors lose for free, I would have stayed home and watched the past 8 out of 10 games you lost!  Mofo.  And for the record, you were down by way more than 3 points before we started booing you…try 10 points…and it was near the end of the game where scoring really mattered.  He then proceeds to pass the blame to the crowd…the same crowd who paid good money to go see him play and support their home team:

“Whether the crowd knows it or not, they play a big part in the game.” – Chris Bosh

Hell yea I’m gonna boo you if I want!   I’m paying money to see the Raptors win, and you sucked.  Plain and simple Chris Bosh, you sucked.  And I think it’s pretty insulting to the fans, the thousands of fans that went to see YOU that night, the franchise, that you would have the nerve to pass the blame to us.  If we play such a big part in the game, then pay me 16 million dollars a year to not get the ball in the net.

Fast forward to Dec 22. Raptors vs. Clippers.  Bosh scores 31 points in a 97-75 win to break a 6 game losing streak.


Wow Bosh, how did that feel?  Celebrating your win…with none of your fans there.  Tell me, did the fans play a factor in THAT game?  Douche bag.  I’m sorry Chris Bosh, I don’t think I can be your fan anymore.  If you are able to get the Raptors to the playoffs, I MAY be able to forgive you, but for now, I hope you are reading this, and I await your apology.  I thought the crying stopped when we got rid of Vince Carter.



Dec 24/08



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