daily rant – 00003 – urinal etiquette

Ok people, I know there’s probably a hundred and one different blogs about urinal etiquette, so what’s the harm in having one more???

This particular incident happened to me while at work in the 12th floor men’s washroom.  We all know the basic rules:

-keep a distance of at least 1 urinal between the next person.
-do not look anywhere else but straight ahead.
-do not touch the person beside you!  I mean, honestly, come on.
-do not talk to the person beside you unless you’ve been close friends with them for at least a year…and you’re both drunk.
-shake twice, zip up…maybe three times, but anything more than that then you might as well be on vacation.

So here’s what happened which I found weird.  There I was at the urinal and someone came in and went to the stall right next to me.  Now that was the first rule broken.  Ok, even though there are 2 urinals in that washroom, if one is occupied, you go to the next available stall!  So anyways, guy starts going…and he proceeds to pee into the urinal water!  You don’t pee directly into the water!  You pee straight ahead so you get the least amount of splash back possible!  ESPECIALLY when someone is beside you.

In any case, it was just weird.  But, what can you do?  Oh wait I know, don’t pee directly in the urinal water.

Peace out.


Jan 7/07


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