daily rant – 00005 – flintstone vitamins

Hey!  Remember Flintstone vitamins when you were a kid??  Well this rant goes out to everyone who had siblings and used to pop Flintstone vitamins every morning after breakfast.  Well, not only siblings, but mostly, and here’s why:

Why the F were there only 5 Flintstone cars in a that damn bottle of a hundred friggin’ vitamins!?!  Every morning me and my sister would fight over who gets the car…and the loser always ended up with an orange Barney or purple Fred.  The pink car was the rarest piece of sweet sweet candy back in those days.  And it wasn’t only the car, Dino was the other one that was so rare to find.  And why were they so rare anyways?  Was the mold that made them broken after a certain amount were created?

There used to be some serious battles for that car, I don’t think they realized the seriousness of the issue. Or maybe they did know and they’re just sick and twisted people.

Flintstone vitamins didn’t make children healthier, it tore families apart!

Yabadabadoo bitches!


Feb 01/07



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