daily rant – 00016 – go train: day 4

Almost there!

Good ol Thursday!  The day before the day before the weekend!  Don’t fail me now!

So today wasn’t so bad.   Now, I don’t know how it is at other GO stations but the one in Newmarket is SO boring!  I get there with about 20 minutes to spare, all because I want a “good” parking spot.  So when I make it to the platform, I stand there outside and I watch people as they start to arrive.   When they punch their ticket, they immediately go stand facing the tracks, exactly where each entry point to the train would be, which is weird because there’s no markings or anything to let them know where to stand.  Time goes by, t-2 minutes until arrival, I look around…EVERYBODY’S in single file, as if the GO were recruiting some kind of super GO army.  The whole ceremony is weird.  I call it a ceremony because it happens EVERY morning.  Nobody talks to anybody.   They just stand.  Facing the tracks.  Staring at snow. This morning a lady sneezed, so naturally I say “bless you” and I got a weird look as if it’s forbidden for anyone to speak. Well consider this my official retraction of my “bless you”, I hope this makes you happy!  Well after that I can tell that I was already attracting way too much attention, so naturally I lined up with them…What?   I don’t want them to think I’m an outsider…gosh!

The ride in was pretty chill, I usually get a window seat but for some reason everyone wanted to look at trees this morning or something, that’s cool.  Now it doesn’t mean both window seats are taken, but I’m not gonna sit directly across from someone while there is an open seat diagonally across…so I took the aisle seat, you get more leg room that way…and it’s less creepy.   Now I like the window seat for 2 reasons:

1) I get to lean on something.
2) I’m not in any kind of rush so I like to sit back as other people get off before me at union and I don’t need to move my bag or anything.

So with that being said, why the hell do people take the window seat if they know they have to rush off the train as soon as it pulls in?!?  Heck people!  If you’re that much in a rush, why don’t you just take the early train??  I don’t get it!

Anyways, the next stop two more people get on, they were together, so one took the window seat and the other sat in front of me…this is something else I hate.  They start talking to each other and it’s a little awkward because they’re sitting diagonal from each other, and there’s me, sitting there like a mediator.  What was even more awkward was that one of them was talking about their dog and how he is really sick, and I couldn’t help but sit there with a huge ass smile on my face, not cause I’m an insensitive jerk, but because I watched this music video on youtube last night with my cousin, and for some reason I picked that moment to think about it. What song you ask? Here’s the link.  And tell me you don’t laugh.

Damn you Andy Samberg!  Now I’m probably seen as a big jerk in the eyes of the everyday GO rider.   Lucky for me I only have one day left.  I’m hoping that the super GO army don’t jump me in the parking lot tomorrow.

Wish me luck.


Dec 11/08



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