daily rant – 00036 – this is my protest

The Gee I wish it wasn’t happening in Toronto 20 Summit.

A few things to know before I get started.

What is G20?
They are a group of Twenty Financial Ministers and Central Bank Governors.

What is the G20 Summit all about?
It’s a meeting held by said group to address issues regarding the international financial system.

What does this mean?  And did I just steal those definitions from a website?
Who the hell knows.  And yes.  Yes I did.

What EXACTLY am I protesting?

I’ve tried finding out WHAT exactly people are protesting regarding the G20 summit, but I can’t find an answer anywhere.   All the media is concerned about is protesters, security and fake lakes.  So instead of protesting the Summit itself, I am protesting the idiots that are contributing to making this the worst thing to happen to Torontonians since 00008.

Protesters.  I have a strong disliking towards you. And I know that not all protesters are violent or complete morons, but unfortunately there are those that give you all a bad name.  Yea I just stereotyped your asses.  What are you gonna do?   Spray paint “Coolie” on my car?  Yea I’m brown and yes the word “Coolie” is derogatory, but that seems to be your style, right?


How is spray painting the words “the pigs” across a cop van or even spray painting “G20 = New World Order” on a bus stop shed considered “getting your point across”?  Do you feel that you have successfully managed to get your point across and prevent the summit from happening?  Last time I checked, they still have a 10 foot fence around the perimeter and…umm…there’s something else I know I’m forgetting…oh ya!  The Summit is still happening!  Good hustle though…good hustle.  Yes we know you’re angry and we know you’re VERY passionate about this subject, but the only thing you’re doing is letting us know that you’re an idiot and are unable to demonstrate your concerns in a mature manner.  You’re 22 years old, grow up and do something with your life. But before you do, could you please tell me what this Summit is about?  Because you seem to know more about it than the media.

Media.  Stop scaring Torontonians in to leaving the city for the weekend.  Yes there will be lots of security around, but here’s a news flash for your broadcast tonight, there are other places to go downtown than the Metro Convention Center.  How about Dundas Square to watch some World Cup action on the big screen.  Or the vast amounts of pubs to enjoy a pint and watch the England goalie run away from the big scary ball.  Oh wait, I’m sorry, I have to apologize since they will be eliminated by the time the Summit rolls around.  Yea, I went there. And just to show you how much the G20 delegates are dedicated to the summit, South African President Jacob Zuma is flying out the day after he arrives in Toronto to attend the quarter and semi-finals of the World Cup in South Africa.  Embarrassing.  We’re supposed to trust these people with…yea, no, I still don’t know what the Summit’s about.


But Really?  MCC?  There was nowhere better to hold this Summit?  Like…Huntsville?  Oh wait, that is only good enough for the G8 Summit and doesn’t have the facilities to accommodate the G20 Summit.  Why not just build and expand the facilities with the massive budget you have?  Oh that’s riiiiight, you need that money to build a fake lake.

The Fake Lake.  Housed in the state of the art Direct Energy Centre located at the CNE grounds…right across from Lake…Ontario…what the F people.  I did some research on the internet and discovered that Lake Ontario is in FACT a real lake, and it doesn’t cost 2 million dollars to build because it’s already there!   The whole point of this “fake lake” or “artificial lake” as the Harpies (that’s what I call the Harper government) are calling it, is to have a presentable backdrop for the media when they do their news updates/interviews/broadcasts, etc.  I’m not too sure what was wrong with the regular format they already have now…I’m not sure a fake lake will really rake in the viewers.  The whole thing is just ridiculous.  Please read the article below for Harper’s vision of a fake Canada within Canada…his “Marketing Pavilion”. Yep, this is what you will be remembered for.


In closing, I leave you with this, a summary of spending that has gone in to making the good citizens of Toronto feel safe, the media feel like the rich, and the rich delegates feel like they are the shit.

$800,000,000 – Attending diplomats, money goes into a trust fund, they claim the money when they are no longer in power. that 800 million is divided between them. Yes, I was pretty pissed to learn THIS too.
$180,000,000 – Security
$10,000,000 – Various upgrades to centers in Huntsville, including the airport and venue
$2,000,000 – Fake Lake

All these figures are estimates taken from various sources.  The total price tag is estimated to be 1.2 billion dollars and rising.

It turns out there are a lot of things to be protesting about this Summit…but I have a strange feeling that nobody is actually protesting any of the things I mentioned.



Jun 17/10


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