daily rant – 00049 – jason derulooooo…sucks…

We all know him.  And if you don’t, you damn well should!  Because he sings his stupid name at the beginning of all his stupid songs.


The man in question is Jason Derulo, whom, apparently, is contractually obligated to sing his name at the start of each of his songs…at least, that’s the only explanation I could think of…because he sounds like a major tool when he does it.  And if you think i’m just making shit up again, please click these links and listen to the first 30 seconds or less of each of these songs:

Whatcha Say

In My Head

The Sky’s The Limit

I know, I’m sorry I put you through that.  But, doesn’t it make you want to punch him in the face and then sing YOUR name after he hits the ground?  Then walk away all gangsterish?  Can we make this a new trend?  Punching Jason Derulo in the face and then singing stuff while you walk away?  *POW!* “suck it, deruuuulooooooo”.


His latest gem is “Don’t Wanna Go Home”, where he took two classic songs and turned them in to one really, really bad song. A feat, which until recently, only Karl Wolf was capable of.  Again, I’m sorry, but it’s the only way this rant works, here is the song:

Don’t Wanna Go Home

If you don’t recognize them, the two songs are “Banana Boat Song” by Harry Belafonte and “Show Me Love” by Robin S.  Two classics in their own right.  Come to think of it, those first three songs of his that I mentioned earlier are also rip offs of other songs.  Why is this guy famous?  Make it stop!!!  Seriously, WHO is responsible for this crap?  Let’s see, sampling other people’s music…my guess is this guy.

Jason Derulo is to RnB, what Sean Kingston is to Reggae music.  What?  Too soon?

This rant is ooooo-verrrrrrrrrr,


Jul 18/11


2 thoughts on “daily rant – 00049 – jason derulooooo…sucks…

  1. LOL That just made my day. I’m not a fan of him but I just spent several minutes replaying the beginning of each of those songs and now all I can hear when he sings is “you suck dah-ruloooo”

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