daily rant – 00038 – an open letter to the “new” flow 93.5

Dear FLOW 93.5,

Bob Marley:  Roots, Rock, Reggae.

It was the first song you ever played back in 2001, instantly hooking thousands of listeners on what would be Toronto’s number one radio station for so many years after.  What has changed??

I remember the days when I would tune in to the Morning Rush with Mark Strong and Gemini…and after them, Slim and Melanie in the Morning…then JJ and Melanie…and now, Melanie and…pending replacement.  Let’s just say I’m not excited to tune in and listen to the morning banter between the DJ’s anymore.  But that’s not why I’m writing.  I just wanted to let you get a feel for how long I have been a listener and a fan.

What I really want to know is why?  Why have you stopped playing music in which your audience are tuning in to hear?  Why are you trying to be like the other stations out there when you are supposed to be something unique.  Your audience are people who want to hear Rap, Hip-Hop, RnB, Reggae, Dancehall and Soca.  You dub yourself “Canada’s First Urban Radio Station” but lately, we’re lucky if we even hear a Jay-Z track and it doesn’t get any more urban than that.  I would listen to you all day, every day and stream you live at work on the internet and I would listen while you play hit after hit after hit.  But now, and pardon my language, all you play is shit after shit after shit.

This has been building up for a year now.  How do you go from “playing the best in hip-hop and r&b” to “The NEW FLOW 93.5, playing whatever the other radio stations are playing, only a bit more black”.  Yea, I said it!  Almost every song I hear, is or has a techno beat.  And yea, you could say artists like Usher and Ne-Yo are leaning more towards that style…but have you tried NOT playing it?  I don’t tune into FLOW hoping to hear this:


What the F is that??  It’s a friggin’ commercial for Reese’s Peanut Buttercups, that’s what!  Just because it has Kardinal Offishall on it, doesn’t mean it’s right.

It’s Caribana season and I have only heard you play one soca song.  One!  And surprise surprise, it’s Alison Hinds: Roll It Gyal.  That song is 5 years old and you play it EVERY time Caribana rolls around.  I don’t understand why.  I mean, I hear you guys playing ads for upcoming soca fetes playing all the new music in the background, yet you don’t play the actual songs during the day.  You should be capitalizing on gaining new listeners during this time, yet you continue to play a few soca songs during the day when you should be playing them after every other song.  Are you ashamed?  Embarrassed to play that kind of music?  Sure you might play more than one soca song a day and I just miss it because I refuse to hear:


Again, just because Ludacris is on the track, doesn’t make it right.

The only time I tune into your radio station nowadays is Sunday night.  Soca Therapy from 6-9 with Dr. Jay and The Riddim Track with Spex from 9-Midnight.  It’s the only time I am guaranteed not to hear techno music.  But hey, if you guys want to isolate your listeners to a 6 hour time period, then I wish you luck in the future.  It’s all about the Ipod car adapter now.

I’m just sorry that the last song I had to hear as a regular listener was:


Again, Snoop Dogg is awesome, but not always right.



Jul 31/10



4 thoughts on “daily rant – 00038 – an open letter to the “new” flow 93.5

    1. I didn’t…..should I? It wouldn’t change anything anyways, they’re trying to compete with the other radio stations without realizing that they had a good thing going.

      1. Randy: definitely send it -every day! I rather listen to 680 news now.

        Btw – start listening to 105.5 Thursday mornings are the best and some Sat/Sundays. Check out their schedule. The station is sometimes hard to catch but you can always listen online.


  1. which is why i don’t listen to the radio anymore. the radio stations in manila were really good. the dj’s were actually funny and every night they’d play the oldies (our oldies…not my parents’).
    i think you should send it in……RANT ON!!1

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