daily rant – 00034 – wrong kinda cheating


There are many different kinds of cheating and there are many different consequences.  Now, I’m not an avid golf fan, I don’t watch it, I don’t play it, unless you count the few times a year I go to the driving range.  What I DO know is, the powers that be who run the Masters are setting a bad example for my children…by form of stupidity.

Still with me?  Obviously I’m talking about Tiger Woods.  Since everyone else is giving their opinion and since I missed a rant in January, this is perfect timing.  I was watching Breakfast Television yesterday and they showed a commercial from Nike, which I find, is pretty eerie.  Here’s the link:


This shows me that either Tiger knows that what he did was wrong and basically has a Cosby moment with his deceased father.  Or, Nike is punishing him and making him listen to his dad and make him feel like crap for letting his father down.  Because, in the end, who cares what everyone else thinks about you.   When you let your parents down, it doesn’t get any lower.

In that same broadcast, they showed a statement released by some old guy who sits on some committee for the Masters.  Here’s what said:

“It is not simply the degree of his conduct that was so egregious but the fact that he disappointed all of us, and more importantly our kids and grand kids.  Our hero did not live up to the expectations of the role model we saw for our children.”


Would someone shut this old guy up?  Does he even know what Tiger Woods did?  He didn’t take performance enhancing drugs.  He did not cheat at the game of golf!  Your kids can still look up to him as a role model for golf!  If anything, he should be welcoming Tiger back with open arms.   Tiger Woods is the reason why millions of people watch the otherwise boring game of golf.  I know that’s why I watch it.  But what exactly were your expectations of Tiger Woods outside of the golf world, Billy Payne?  Did you want your children and your children’s children to look up to him as a role model for living life in general?  A role model for staying in school and doing their homework?  Because as a parent, I would imagine that would be YOUR job.

So where do I stand on this whole Tiger Woods soap opera?  Yes he cheated on his wife. Is that right?   Absolutely not. That’s something he and his wife will have to work out.  And judging by the calendar they released with all the girls he “had relations” with, they have a far way to go.  Does cheating on his wife make him a bad role model?  Define role model.  If I wanted my children to be able to play golf like a mofo, heck yes I want them to look up to Tiger Woods.  I don’t think Tiger Woods did anything that should effect his status as a golfer.   However, as one man out of 38 to 53 million men world-wide who have cheated on their wives…he could use a little help.

You want to talk about disappoint our kids and grand kids…well…Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire weren’t available for comments.



Apr 9/10


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