Humans Vs. Monsters

There are two types of beings on this planet. Humans, and Monsters.

There is a lot of wrong happening in our world every day. Unfortunately, it feels like it is only getting worse. We live in constant fear. Fear of diseases. Fear of the future. Fear of trust. Who can you trust nowadays? How can you tell who are the Humans of the world, and who are the Monsters?

Much like when you were a child, it is important that we try not to acknowledge the Monsters, whether they lived in your closet or under your bed. Instead, it is important to acknowledge the bravery of making it through the night. As a Canadian, after recent events in Montreal and Ottawa, it’s hard, very hard to ignore the Monsters in the world. Especially when they hit so close to home. It’s important that we ignore the cowardice of the Monsters, and we acknowledge the heroes like Officer Patrice Vincent and Cpl. Nathan Cirillo for their bravery, and Sergeant-at-arms Kevin Vickers for his heroics.

I never really understood why the people of the United States were so patriotic. They wear their flag proud. Whether it’s on a sticker on their car’s bumper, a flag on their house or a tattoo on their arm, they show their pride. They stick together when their home is threatened, they don’t back down from a fight. They stand up to the Monsters in the world. But they’ve been there before. They truly are the home of the Brave. As a Canadian, it’s different. We are widely known to keep the peace. The true North strong and free. However, it is important to note that we intend to keep it that way. Even if it means fighting back.

Canada has suffered a couple of great losses of late. Seeing the support from other countries is an overwhelming example that if you threaten one of us, you threaten us all. We stand up for each other. We do this because we care. We show compassion. We understand what it’s like to suffer a great loss, and how hard it is to recover. We understand that it’s easier to overcome defeat with the support of others, no matter who they are, because we know what it’s like to be hurt.

We do this because we are human.

…But I sometimes fear that the Monsters in the world, are what keep us Human.




One thought on “Humans Vs. Monsters

  1. Well now that I’ve read this one I know you’re Canadian. That being said I am an American Jew born and raised. So why am I so patriotic? That’s a great question and I have only one answer. Because we single handedly defeated Hitler. Yep that was us. We are the inglorious bastards of the world. And for that I LOVE AMERICA!

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