daily rant – 00050 – the state of cartoons in 2k11

What better way to celebrate my 50th rant, than to talk about something so close to my heart.  Cartoons.

Picture this: you wake up 8am Saturday morning, run downstairs, scurry past your mom or dad in to the TV room as they make their morning coffee and read the paper.  You park yourself in front of the TV and setup shop with your blanket and pillow and prepare for 2 of the most entertaining hours of your week, Saturday morning cartoons.

But of course, those were the good old days.  Aah the 80’s, the golden age of cartoons.  I don’t think there’s an 80’s baby out there who doesn’t show a sense of pride when they talk about the cartoons they watched growing up as a kid.  What made 80’s cartoons so good?  What made us tune in every week to see a new episode of He-Man or G.I. Joe?  Back then, cartoons were very simple, yet at the same time, they kept you interested.  Here’s how:


What easier way is there to keep a child’s attention, other than repetition?  What easier way is there to keep a child’s attention, other than repetition?  See what I did there?  Try changing the channel, I dare you!  Ok wait don’t, I have a point to make.  All 80’s cartoons seemed to have mastered the art of repetition, and because of that, kids tuned in not only to watch their shows, but also participate.  Allow me to demonstrate:

“Thunder, Thunder, THUNDER CATS!  HOOOOOOOOOO!!!”


“By the power of Greyskull, I have THE POWERRRRR!!!”

“Autobots, transform, and ROLL OUT!”

Those are just a few catchphrases that come to my head.  And then you go to school on Monday and play Transformers with all your friends and you’re Megatron and you say “You’ve failed me again Starscream!”…but I digress.  This is something which I think cartoons in 2011 are lacking, a way to really connect with the child watching.

I don’t know how to draw thunder…


When you’re a kid, it’s rare that your parents would ever let you watch TV.  However, there was something special about Saturday morning cartoons which parents couldn’t argue with, education.  Cartoons these days are severely lacking in teaching kids morals and life lessons.  When was the last time Sponge Bob ever taught your child that sharing is caring…greedy old Mr. Krabs…Name me ONE cartoon in 2011 that dedicates two minutes of precious story line time to teach kids that knowing is half the battle?  Exactly, you can’t, because cartoons nowadays suck.  They just plain old suck.  And I feel sorry for kids these days growing up without the joy and happiness in which only 80’s cartoons could deliver.

Awesome Toys:

Yes, 80’s cartoons had bad ass characters.  He-Man, Lion-O, Optimus friggin’ Prime?  Are you kidding me?  Come ON!  How could you NOT want to manipulate your parents to buy you the action figures?  And that is why 80’s cartoons were so successful.  Kids tune in for 30 minutes on Saturday morning, after that, they play with their action figures making up their own story lines for a week until the next episode comes on.

the perfect disguise…

80’s cartoons are awesome.  There’s no denying it.  Which is why I have purchased the box sets of Transformers, He-Man and Thundercats, my future kids will be raised on said cartoons to grow up to be as awesome as their old man…*wink*  But seriously, what cartoons are kids watching these days?  Why do you think they keep remaking 80’s cartoons?  Because they got it right the first time.



Oct 10/11



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