daily rant – 00010 – hey dj just play that ____!

So I was at the Fox and the Fiddle in Newmarket for my friend Kim’s birthday a few weeks back…shout out to my home girl Kim! Wassup Kim!!  It was a good time, drinking, dancing, and it was also pretty crowded for Newmarket…

I guess my only complaint was the DJ…it’s not that he wasn’t playing good music, cause the music was great!  It’s just what he was doing with it…you know when you’re at the club, and that one song comes on that everyone knows the words to and the DJ would cut the music and you’d hear everyone finish the lyrics?  Like: “It was all a dream, I used to read ____ __ ________” Take that!  Take that!  Take that!

Ahahaha, what are we talkin’ about?  Oh ya, well this DJ TRIED to do that, but one thing about being a DJ is, you gotta know the crowd…keep in mind that we’re in Newmarket.  Now, the DJ DID play Juicy, and you can tell everyone knew the words to the song, but were still kind of uncomfortable finishing the line “and if you don’t know, now you know, _____” So it was still kind of quiet when he cut the music, and you could actually hear some people laughing when he did it.  And he continued, song after song, here’s the best part, you know that song by D12, Purple Pills?  He played that and dropped the beat expecting people to know the words!  I only know one line from that song…”But nothing compares to those blue and yellow purple pills.”  He may as well have thrown some underground hip hop on and did the same thing…oh wait, he did.

And while we’re on the topic of the Fox in Newmarket…people, please, I’m begging you…don’t breakdance to rap or r&b music!  People were breakdancing to Akon…”I see you wining and grinding up on the floor”, he’s friggin’ telling you how to dance to it!  Just listen to the words!!!  He’s not saying “I see you worming and uprock up on the floor” (…those are actual breakdancing moves, I did my research…)

So with all that being said, I leave you with this final thought…and I’m sure it will be useful for you in the future…especially if you go to the Fox in Newmarket…

I take a couple uppers,
I down a couple downers,
But nothing compares,
To these blue and yellow purple pills.
I been to mushroom mountain,
Once or twice but who’s countin’,
But nothing compares,
To these blue and yellow purple pills.

____ Terminate!


Mar 18/07



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