daily rant – 00013 – go train: day 1

Ok, so I’m taking the GO train this week because my parents are on vacation and I don’t feel like getting up at 5am to beat traffic to show up to work at 6am for a day that doesn’t even start until 9am for me.  Usually we carpool and leave at 8am and get downtown for 9am.  So now I have to take my arch nemesis, the GO train, all week.   Great.

With that being said, in order to kill time, I decided to rant about people who make my ride downtown, just THAT much more frustrating.

It starts off right away, lady in the red jacket sits right beside me, there’s so many more open seats, but she picks mine. Let’s call her LIRJ for short…which seems appropriate since it kind of looks like that could very well be her name. Anyways, she sits down, then decides she has to take off her mittens, scarf and jacket, all while sitting down beside me. She couldn’t do this while standing up beside her seat?   Geez, the train was still empty, nobody was gonna steal your spot LIRJ.  After minutes of constant elbowing and annoyingness, she finally settled down and I can finally go back to typing this rant on my blackberry, which I then stopped out of fear of her seeing me refer to her as LIRJ.

So at the next stop this lady and dude get on and sit in my little four pack of seats.  At this point we’re not even half way there and I’m already annoyed at this train ride. So the lady sits in front of me and dude sits beside her.  So far so good. Lady pulls a book out and starts reading, cool.  Dude then decides to talk to lady.  Really?   She’s trying to read dude, can’t you see that?  When someone pulls a book out and starts reading, they’re kind of hinting that they want to, I dunno, read a book? So the couple start talking, I guessed they were a couple because, well they were holding hands.  Anyways, they start low talking.  You know, the “I don’t want anyone to hear what we’re saying” kind of talk.  Really?  If you don’t want anyone to hear what you’re saying, then don’t say it in a quiet, public place.  Idiots.

Anyways, after that she puts her book away and starts using her blackberry…she read her book for a full 30 seconds and put it away.  Lady, why do you even read books?  Especially for 30 seconds.  If a book can’t hold your attention for 30 seconds then why are you reading it!  So anyway, she puts the book away, starts using her blackberry and dude falls asleep…only after staring at me for 20 minutes.  WHY ARE YOU STARING AT ME!  GAH!   I hate this!

4 more days…



Dec 08/08



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